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Behavioral Medicine

One of the number one reasons pets are surrendered to the humane society is for behavioral issues. As puppies and kittens come in, we take time to ensure your new addition is fitting in well with your family and address behavioral issues you may have, such as house training, teething or biting, and discuss Manners 101.

But don't stop there! As your pet ages, you need to keep training, even if it is to teach some tricks. Our pets love the interaction, and become bored without it. Boredom leads to bad habits such as chewing, digging and barking. Separation anxiety is a common condition in dogs, and anyone who has watched their pet become frantic when they or someone else leave the house can't help but feel distraught along with their pet.

We offer behavioral consultation where we evaluate your pet to rule-out a physical cause for the behavior. If your pet is healthy, we discuss behavior modification and have a full set of handouts for reading at home, references to competent trainers, including one-on-one in-home experts, and as a last resort, may prescribe medication to help assist in the training process.

Inappropriate urination and spraying in cats is a common frustrating problem. In many cases, it starts with a bladder infection, so we always start with a comprehensive physical exam and urinalysis. If there is no infection, we delve into your cat's psyche! Cats are creatures of habit and sometimes some small change in their environment may trigger inappropriate urination. We also discuss litter box location, cleaning rituals, litter type and more.

Our Health Care Team cumulatively has over 50 years experience in animal care and training and know a lot of "tricks" to maintaining a well-behaved pet. We have all been there! Sometimes a minor adjustment in the home environment makes all the difference.


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