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Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Meining and the health care team at the Red Cedar Animal Hospital know the importance of clinical nutrition. Whether you have a puppy or kitten, a healthy adult pet, a senior pet or a pet with special medical needs, a nutritional plan can be discussed and formatted for your individual pet. All team members have advanced training in nutritional counseling.

Nutrition is the key to good health. Sometimes you need to try different foods to find what your pet does the best on. There is a strong correlation between feeding premium foods and optimal health. Premium foods such as Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Royal Canin or Purina ProPlan seem to routinely put that "glow" on your pet. Some all natural foods now available also seem to help your pet achieve peak health and performance.

Some pets may benefit from additional supplementation. We carry a wide range of nutritional supplements including omega-3 fatty acids, liver, kidney and bladder support products as well as joint support.

We carry the entire line of both Hill's and Royal Canin Prescription Diets. Prescription Diets were originally formulated for older pets with conditions such as kidney failure. They have expanded as the science of nutrition grows to include liver and heart disease, diabetes, weight management, urinary health, hypoallergenic diets and other skin care, dental diets, gastrointestinal disease, as well as senior diets. There are also diets now that help to manage joint disease and some cancers!

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