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Pain Management

Although animals can prove to be very stoic and not exhibit signs of pain, they do feel pain. An animal that limps, is stiff getting up, or shows reluctance to do stairs or jump may be painful. A common symptom that may indicate pain is the older pet who simply sleeps a lot. Often animals will not "yell out" or give you any indication of pain. Animals that have dental extractions or have had surgery experience pain. Sometimes cats won't use the litterbox because they are painful. It is our job as your pet's advocate to determine if they're painful, and to offer safe, effective pain management. Make an appointment if you feel your animal is in experiencing pain and you are unsure of the cause.

Here is a link to our Senior Care, to give your more information on how we evaluate for arthritis. Look at our Special tab to learn more about our Senior Screen for arthritis.

We love to use alternative healing methods such as cold laser therapy and VOM (Veterinary Chiropractic Adjustment) to help manage pain. This will help with anything from arthritis pain to injury.


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