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Our well-stocked pharmacy means you get your pet's medication immediately-usually no need to make an additional stop to fill a prescription. We also carry a variety of products for heartworm prevention and flea and tick control and are able to offer coupons and rebates not available with on-line pharmacies. Follow this link for more information on what we recommend for Parasite Prevention. For pets who are difficult to medicate, we can have medication specially compounded with a variety of flavors to make it more palatable for your pet. This works especially well for our fussy feline friends. NOTE: Please give us a minimum of 48 hours notice for medication refills, written prescriptions which include prescriptions for veterinary diets. Specialty compounded medication, such as DES, need up to 14 days to refill. Controlled substances ( Gabapentin, Tramadol) cannot be filled on Saturdays.

We do partner with vetsource, an online pharmacy that sends the approvals right to us. They ship the medication directly from their warehouses.

Heartworm Preventions

Give once monthly on the same day for the prevention of heartworms and intestinal parasites. Click the image of the products we carry to learn more about them.

Flea and Tick Preventions

Give/Apply once monthly on the same day for the prevention of fleas and ticks. Click the image of the products we carry to learn more about them


We carry this mostly for cats to be used monthly for the prevention of heartworms, intestinal parasites, fleas, one kind of tick, ear mites and intestinal parasites. Revolution can be used in dogs (it does not have intestinal parasite dewormer aspect for dogs). Click the photo to learn more about it.


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  • "We have loved our experience at Red Cedar Animal Hospital so far! The staff is warm and welcoming, and always make us feel reassured that our pup is in the best hands"
    Palak S.
  • "Everyone here has given us upstanding service and are extremely knowledgeable. It has become like a second home for our pup and we simply can't thank them enough for such an amazing experience. Once you go one time you'll never leave!"
    Mathew D.