We value our clients' experience at Red Cedar Animal Hospital, PC. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Barbara Meining

"Dr. Meining - we thank you so much for all that you did. You and all of your staff are such a blessing to us, and I am sure that you are to all of your patients and owners."

" I would absolutely recommend Red Cedar Animal Hospital to pet owners. I have taken my three cats to many veterinary clinics and hospitals, but the caring and compassion of the Red Cedar staff for my kitten Loki has truly exceeded all of my expectations. When other vets recommended that I put Loki down because he would be blind, the staff at Red Cedar have embraced him and have given him the best care possible so that he can have a happy, playful life. I can always tell that they genuinely care about him, and I know he loves them too. I would never take my cats anywhere else!"

"Thank you so much for going the extra mile with Fritz. We're so lucky to have you. We're so comfortable bringing Fritz to you as we know he's in such good hands."

"I started taking my two cats, Joey and Missy to Red Cedar Animal Hospital in 2009. Prior to that, I was frustrated with other veterinarians for treating my cats like tiny dogs. Cats have unique needs and personalities that I felt were ignored at other practices. Then a friend recommended Red Cedar Animal Hospital. I brought Joey and Missy in, and we were thoroughly impressed. I could tell that the staff understood and appreciated my kitties. They were gentle and handled them with respect. Dr. Meining was also very knowledgeable about cats, which made me so happy with my decision. I will never take my cats anywhere else."

"I want you to know how happy I am that I started bringing my pets to see you. I'm thankful for the wonderful attention you give to their care." 

"Thank you for saving Lola. I have years left with her because of you."

"Dr. Meining saved my best friend's life. I was horrified when my dog swallowed a piece of rubber toy,  resulting in vomiting and an inability to hold down food. This was overwhelming to me, as this is the first dog I have ever had and have never had to deal with a pet undergoing major surgery. Dr. Meining and the rest of the team at Red Cedar Animal Hospital were so supportive and caring. I was impressed with the top notch service and medicine provided. Thanks, Red Cedar, for many more years with my best little buddy."

 "I would like to thank you for the wonderful care that I received from all of you when I was so sick. My family was very concerned for me, but luckily I have so many people who love me that I am feeling much better now. Thank you for all of your love and many kisses that I received while I was at your hospital." -Maggie the dog

 "We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dr. Meining and the staff of Red Cedar Animal Hospital for their dedication, optimism and grace throughout our dog Pal's illness."

"The first dog that I was fully responsible for is Rogue Hazelnut. I wanted to rescue an adult dog who was potty trained, had manners and was medically sound. These were my requirements when I decided to start looking for a dog. Enter Rogue Hazelnut, an approximately 3 month old pitbull terrier (I grew up with bird dogs and dachshunds.) She was a rescue dog. She smelled horrible and was emaciated. But she hopped into my pet carrier... so she came home with me. I slightly freaked out since I totally wasn't expecting to get a dog that day! I brought her to Red Cedar Animal Hospital, PC where I currently work. Jill (head tech) used her years of experience to determine that Rogue had a perfect temperament. I then had Rogue examined by her one and only doctor, Dr. Meining. Rogue had demodectic mange, a missing tooth, two types of intestinal parasites, and parvo virus. Now I was a totally freaked out mom. This was just the beginning of a long process of getting this girl healthy. I thank Dr. Meining and all of RCAH's technicians for helping Rogue medically and me emotionally! Today Rogue is 6 years old and doing fabulous! She is so healthy, happy and smart. Not only did Dr. Meining and Jill work their tails off keeping Rogue healthy physically, they gave me so much great advice with behavior and obedience. I must say that Rogue is one of the smartest and most well behaved dogs that I know and I could not have done it without Jill and Dr. Meining."

"To the team at Red Cedar Animal Hospital - Prior to bringing my cat Tinkerbell to you, I DREADED her vet visits. I literally went four years without taking her in for a physical or vaccines because it was such a terrible experience for both of us. At other offices, she would get so worked up that she would try to scratch and bite and would even have accidents. That was all before finding you. With a combination of understanding, TLC, and other cat-friendly tips, we now have pleasant visits to the vet. Thanks for such positive experiences!"


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  • "We have loved our experience at Red Cedar Animal Hospital so far! The staff is warm and welcoming, and always make us feel reassured that our pup is in the best hands"
    Palak S.
  • "Everyone here has given us upstanding service and are extremely knowledgeable. It has become like a second home for our pup and we simply can't thank them enough for such an amazing experience. Once you go one time you'll never leave!"
    Mathew D.